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Licensed Professional Counselor | National Certified Counselor

Executive Coaching:

Executive coaching is offered to help professionals and organizations maximize profits by increasing employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Utilizing my background in psychology and corporate management, I partner with organizations to clarify their vision for success. Research based behavioral science techniques are used to help organizations, managers, and individuals reach their full potential and propel them to the next level of success. Together we will identify solutions to reaching your goals of success and utilize psychological principles to ensure high achievement. 

What is Executive Coaching?


Being a leader requires a different mindset. Great leaders recognize the importance of self-awareness, continued growth, and learning throughout the organization. Executive coaching helps professionals and organizations improve performance and reach individual and organizational goals. Professionals often seek coaching when they are ready to improve productivity and propel their organization to the next level. Executive coaching assists professionals with:

  • Maximizing revenue by improving employee enagement and productivity

  • Increasing employee retention

  • Utilizing research based behavioral science principles to facilitate lasting improvements

  • Formulating growth plans while holding individuals accountable for change behavior

  • Identifying long-term goals, barriers, and solutions

  • Discovering their own path for growth

  • Managing relationships with employees and business partners

  • Facilitating continued cognitive growth

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