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We love to get feed back from our CAAT Solutions family please feel free to scoll down to write a testimony.

“Ya’ll took what I thought would be an boring topic and made it entertaining, relevant and personal!”  JC


“Max and Pam – I have been in several training classes and you are by far the liveliest pair I have ever had the pleasure to have !  Keep up the great work!”   Frank Carter


“This is a highly engaged OSHA course.  WE had many good comments from our group.  We all enjoyed learning and appreciate your sharing your knowledge with us.”  Toni Pokoney, MDOT


“Fun and informative

  Very knowledgeable instructors

  Excellent videos

  Excellent classroom involvement

  I will practice what I have learned here ON THE JOB

  I will recommend this class to all of my co-workers”


“I took a 30 Hour OSHA class.  The instructors were professional.  The material and content was relevant for the course.  

The team concept is great for this material.  The life  and professional experience is invaluable and sheds practical working solutions for daily operations!!  THANKS MAX AND PAM!”


“This training is one of the best that I have ever received.  Max and Pam work so well together.  Like BATMAN and BATWOMAN at times!  It was fun and vey well taught.  I learned a lot!” – Daniel


“I love the class and the way they made us grow on the job!  Keep up the good work!”


“This class was great!  I really liked the interaction.  The way both instructors jumped in made it more captivating and broke up the monotony!”  -JASON


“Great week, Pam and Max!  The experience you are able to share is invaluable.  I appreciate you allowing us to ask questions and engage in conversation and do a little problem-solving for MDOT!  It was SO good for all MDOT safety Team to be together!  Thank you!  Hope to have you do LOTS more training!”  -- Cookie Leffler, MDOT

“The class was really great!  Pam and Max work really great together and they have a wealth of knowledge!  Max has some good stories the YOU need to hear!”


“Awesome class!  Awesome instructors!  I give CAATS a 10!!”


“I commend the instructors on their knowledge and presentation skills with this OSHA class!  They were full of energy and knowledge of all subjects.”  Terreo, Continental Carbonic


"It was very enjoyable learning from these guys.  I have taken away a lot from the outlook of safety in our work force".


"I enjoyed the class!  Now I know what to look for when I get back to the plant!"


"Thanks for making thee most enjoyable OSHA class!"


"Great Learning experience"


"Informative and entertainingly relevant!"


"This class was awesome!  Not what I expected when I came into it.  Held my attention and I left very knowledgeable!"


"Took a very cut and dry and to the point subject and made it interesting and educational at the same time.  Learned a lot!"


"Great class!  Liked the way common sense was used in the approach!"


"Your class was 100% GREAT!  I've learned more about OSHA and other situations.  I recommend this class be taught to ALL employees!"


"This class was professional and very fun!  Hope to see you guys again!"


"Max Watson and Pam McGee were excellent teacher!  I learned a lot that I did not know.  Attitude and presentation is the most important part of life.  I really enjoyed it."


"You helped us to relax and get more out of the class.  This will help us do better and become better people ad respect others wherever we are."


"Miss Pam and Mr. Max were very great to work with!  Keep doing what you are doing!  Very great work!"


"Class was great!  Kept you involved so that the class did not get boring.  I would tell more people to take any of their classes!"


"This class was great!  The fact that you guys interact with your class is great!  I also find it very delightful that you teach by visual, vocal and hands on."


I learned a lot about my surroundings.  I will pay attention more than ever.  You all are great instructors.  I would love to be a part of another class of yours."


"Very good!  Don't change a thing!"


"This OSHA 30 class has actually been very informative and relatively easy.  I learned more than I expected and got a refresher on some things that I had forgotten.  The class was interactive and wasn't boring.  You both did a GREAT job!"

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